• LabyMod (only versions lower than 2.6, if you are on 2.6 or higher you're good to go)

  • Free-Cam (or any mod that lets you explore the world in a spectator-like mode)

  • Macros

  • X-Ray

  • Pie-Ray

  • Spawner tracers that highlight spawners

  • Texture Packs that show armor durability/enchantment levels

  • WorldDownloader

  • Tracers

  • SkinFlicker/Blinking Skin

  • Autoclickers

  • Changing attack keybind to your keyboard

  • Mods that show invisible players or their location

  • Packet manipulation (knockback edits, reach edits, etc)

  • Printer/Autobuilding mods (mods that place blocks automatically for you)

  • BatMod

  • Pojav Launcher

  • MCC (Minecraft Console Client)

Our goal is to provide a friendly and respectful environment for everyone to appreciate.
We do not approve uncivil, inappropriate or disrespectful behaviors.

The use of hacked clients, disallowed mods or cheats of any kind that give you unfair advantages over other players are strictly forbidden.

Here's the list of mods that are not allowed:

We reserve the right to decide when and how to consider something as offense (i.e. abuse of caps) and to punish for cases not listed above.
You can ask a staff member if you are in doubt.
We also reserve the right to discard any evidence older than 2 weeks

server rules!