Plugin Commands!

BetterRTP Plugin:

/rtp - Teleports you randomly to a safe location. Great for exploring new places without getting lost!

Essentials Plugin:

/home [homename] - Teleports you to your home location. Set your own special place to teleport back to whenever you want!

/sethome [homename] - Sets your home location. Choose where you want your home to be!

/spawn - Teleports you to the server spawn point. Get back to where the adventure starts!

GriefPrevention Plugin:

/claim - Claims the land you're standing on. Protect your buildings and creations from other players!

/abandonclaim - Abandons the claim you're standing in. If you don't need your land anymore, you can give it up.

/trust <player> - Gives a player permission to build/interact within your claim. Work together with your friends on your land!

PlayerWarps Plugin:

/pwarp <name> - Teleports you to a player-created warp location. Visit cool places other players have made!

/pwarpset <name> - Sets a warp location at your current position. Create your own warp points for others to visit!

/delpwarp <name> - Deletes a warp location that you've set. Clean up your warp points when you're done with them!

ShopGUIPlus Plugin:

/shop - Opens the GUI shop interface. Buy and sell items easily without typing commands!

/sell - Sells the item you're holding. Make some money by selling your items!

/buy <item> - Buys the specified item from the shop. Get what you need with just a click!

BankPlus Plugin:

/baltop - Displays the top players with the highest balances. See who's the richest player on the server!

/bal [player] - Displays the balance of your account or the specified player's account. Check how much money you have!

/pay <player> <amount> - Transfers money from your account to another player's account. Share your wealth with friends!

/deposit <amount> - Deposits money from your inventory into your account. Keep your money safe in the bank!

/withdraw <amount> - Withdraws money from your account into your inventory. Take out money when you need it!

/bank - Opens the bank GUI for further banking options. Manage your money easily!

EZChestShop Plugin:

/chestshop create <item> <buy price> <sell price> - Creates a chest shop for the specified item with buy and sell prices. Become a shop owner and sell items to other players!

/chestshop remove - Removes the chest shop you're looking at. Close your shop when you're done selling!

MobArena Plugin for Standard Users:

/ma join <arena> - Joins a MobArena match. Fight waves of monsters with other players for fun and rewards!

/ma leave - Leaves the current MobArena match. Take a break whenever you need to!

/ma list - Lists all available MobArena arenas. See where you can jump into battle!

/ma classes - Lists all available MobArena classes. Choose the best class for your fighting style!

/ma select <class> - Selects a class for the next MobArena match. Get ready for battle with your chosen abilities!

/ma stats - Displays your MobArena statistics. See how well you've been doing in the arena!

/ma stats <player> - Displays MobArena statistics for the specified player. Check out your friends' battle records!.